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The MARS & PLANET7 is a complete Modular Analogue Synthesizer taking up 4u of 19” rack space. The system has been designed for easy
expansion & can be started with a single MARS unit, with an additional MARS & P7 module completing the system.
The combined system is a powerful Analogue Modular Synthesizer incorporating:

* Two VCLFO’s * Two temperature compensated 1V/Oct VCO’s with waveform morphing *l Two 24dB/Oct Transistor Ladder VCF’s * Two Log/Lin VCA’s
* Two ADSR Envelope Generator’s * One 3 way Multi * One 3 way Buffer * One 2 Channel Mixer with +/- outputs * One Sample & Hold with Integral Clock
* One Lag Processor * One DC Level Shifter/Voltage Source * Four Bi-polar Attenuators * One high quality Ring Modulator * 3 Colour Noise Source.

The range of Analogue Synthesizer Modules from SMS are a new concept on the traditional Analogue Modular format.
Each Module is a self contained unit with both Synthesizer Modules & a dedicated power supply, this design allows
for system integrity, stability & allows a single module to be used with an existing Analogue Synthesizer.

* Expand the sonic capabilities of the MARS/P7 system.
* Build a dedicated Analogue Modular Synthesizer in 19” Rack form.
* Enhance/expand your existing Modular Synthesizer.

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